New dual and triple head gamma cameras designed for cardiac studies

24th September 2012

Southern Scientific has introduced to the UK two new gamma cameras from Digirad that are designed specifically for nuclear cardiology SPECT applications and represent a major advance in this area of nuclear medicine.

The Digirad Cardius® 2 XPO is a dual-head camera that has a compact, patient-friendly open design featuring high performance solid-state detectors and advanced cardiac software while the Cardius® 3 XPO shares these benefits and is the only dedicated triple-head camera for nuclear cardiology SPECT applications.

These new cameras will prove invaluable at a time when the requirement for hospitals and clinics is to improve both workflow and quality of results.  Both systems can fit easily into rooms as small as 7 ft x 8 ft and do not require to be anchored to the floor so can be easily relocated.  The open design offers more flexibility and comfort for all patients while being able to accommodate patients weighing up to 226.8 kg (over 35 stone).

Solid-state detectors offer many advantages over photomultipliers.  They are more compact and rugged and deliver faster imaging, higher quality results and have a count rate performance that provides the capacity to meet the demands of future radiopharmaceuticals and higher speed imaging techniques.

In addition to offering the high resolution required for cardiac studies all Digirad cameras benefit from SeeQuanta™, Digirad’s advanced acquisition software that makes examinations simple and efficient with maximum consistency and quality with less operator variability.  The XPO cameras have the additional advantage of Digirad’s new, exclusive TruACQ count-based imaging; the first count-based SPECT imaging technique that ensures constant counts for every study regardless of patient size, weight or dose applied. 

The Cardius 2 XPO can be upgraded simply and economically to the triple head configuration.