New wipe test / well counter from Southern Scientific

13th July 2012

The Capintec CAPRAC-t from Southern Scientific is a wipe test/well counter that offers speed and accuracy and allows the user to define specific counting procedures and protocols with trigger levels for work, patient, unrestricted areas and sealed source leak tests. The unit also performs counting functions for wipe tests in as little as six seconds at activities down to 37Bq while low activities are measured with a drilled-well, high sensitivity NaI(TI) detector.

The well counter includes a 256 channel multi-channel analyzer that provides spectral identification and analysis and meets wipe test requirements. The CAPRAC-t provides a menu driven, touch screen inter-face that is easy to learn and use while automatic energy calibration and background subtraction are provided. Direct readouts are in CPS, DPM and Bq with gamma energy histograms and the CAPRAC-t also prints out hard copy records of all data for permanent records.