Time to get organized...take a step forward with Ocean Software

23rd February 2012

How are you working today? Maybe you are using a dedicated Excel® document containing all the calculations and setup for your Quality Assurance in which you just fill out the measured data? Or are you writing on a piece of paper and transfer the measured data to a report in your office later on? Perhaps you are using the oRTIgo database with its tree structure to have an overview of all measurements?

Ocean adapts to you!

Whatever your current methods, with Ocean you have the option to keep working the same way and start using the strength of Ocean gradually. You can connect Ocean to your specific Excel® (or Open Office) document and get the values in there automatically or just type them in manually.

You can use the tree structure and build a test exactly as you like it. Ocean is totally flexible when it comes to adding columns or comments, even during a measurement session. You can apply whatever analysis you like to all measured data or parts of them. When you have finished all exposures, just click on button and the report will be ready - designed the way you like it!

You will experience a huge difference in the flexibility and the
adaption to your specific needs compared to oRTIgo!

Get organized and effective

Ocena offers solutions which oncrease the efficiency of your way of measuring and handling data. If you want to work with Excel® or Open Office, you have the possibility to embed the worksheet into a test and thereby getting rid of questions like "where do I find the file?" and "is this the latest version?". If you export the test to a colleague, the worksheets comes along too.

You can add hints to a specific measurement or to a specific machine. For example, write how that specific setting was made or what to remember for next time. Or why not add a picture or an instruction as an attachment to a certain test. Any format is allowed, even mp3! This is excellent help when you have a number of people covering the same machines and can reduce work load and errors.

Set up your templates in the peace and quiet of your office, then share them among your co-workers to get a controlled and well-organized team.

A complete QA solution

With Ocean comes the possibility to extend the "tree-structure" to include other devices in the X-Ray room. Add a checklist for the monitors, or for the MR machine in the next room, for example. Ocean gives you the flexibility to keep all your QA data in the same place.

Advice and training

On staff at Southern Scientific we have a dedicated Applications Specialist who offers training and support to get you up and running, and using Ocean to its full potential.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration/training, contact our office today!

Tel: 01273 497600