Ion chamber adaptor extends capability of Piranaha X-ray QA system

5th December 2012

Now available from Southern Scientific is an ion chamber adaptor for the Piranha range of X-ray quality assurance instruments from RTI. With the addition of the new chamber adapter, Piranha owners now have the choice to use ion chambers with their Piranha. This new feature is an optional accessory for Piranhas, and has been optimized for use with CT and Mammo applications, but can of course be used for other applications. The chamber adapter can be added to any Piranha with electrometer input and dose option.

Both Ocean and QA Browser support measurements with chamber adapter and ion chamber. The chamber adapter will support most types of ion chamber with tri-axial cable. However, an adapter cable is required if the ion chamber is not equipped with a ‘LEMO type 0’ connector used by RTI Electronics.