A Raider for just £5,000

30th September 2013

nullPerfect for rapid identification and verification of radioactive materials, the Raider was originally priced at £20,000. It utilizes an innovative array of solid-state CZT detectors and He³ tubes to provide superior gamma and neutron sensitivities, resulting in a rapid identification and verification of radioactive materials. The instrument is small and light enough to be held and operated with one hand, and can be conveniently clipped to the user's belt using the holster provided. Four buttons, two on each side, are all that are required to access every feature of this instrument. It is both water and drop resistant, making it rugged and ideal for strenuous operating situations. The Raider uniquely meets or exceeds the performance requirements of ANSI N42-34 (RIID) and ANSI N42-48 (SPRD) standards. This item is not calibrated at present. For further information, please contact David Griffiths at david.griffiths@southernscientific.co.uk or call +44 (0)1273 497600.