Maximum protection from new personal radiation detector and alarm

11th March 2013

New from Southern Scientific is DoseRAE 2, a compact, direct-reading, electronic personal radiation detector with alarm that accurately accumulates real-time dose data that allows immediate reaction in case of radiation occurrences and thus can reduce radiation exposure.

DoseRAE 2, which is an ideal personal dosimeter for anyone likely to be exposed to radiation hazard, uses a compensated PIN diode and a caesium iodide scintillation crystal to detect X and gamma radiation and this combination provides high dose rate range coverage, accurate dose measurements and fast response to low-level radiation.

The unit is small and lightweight weighing only 50g including battery and belt clip, has a clear LCD display that continuously indicates digital dose rate in rem/h, Sv/h, R/h and accumulated total dose in rem, Sv and R and a bright LED, loud audible and vibration alarm.

By measuring dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate, DoeRAE 2 provides the functions of a dosimeter and also measures radiation exposure and exposure rate, which is highly appropriate for controlling the exposure of emergency responders to photon radiation.

DoseRAE 2 offers large capacity, continuous data logging that, with associated software, can be downloaded via USB to a computer and used for data display, analysis and record management.