Space technology breeds innovative NDI system

6th February 2013

New from Southern Scientific is the SXI™ from Nucsafe, a scatter X-ray imaging system for non-destructive test and inspection. The SXI™ products combine Nucsafe’s field-proven smart sensor technology and the highly innovative and patented ‘Radiography by Selective Detection’ backscatter techniques developed at the University of Florida for the space shuttle’s 2005 return to flight.

The SXI™ system combines the penetrating power of X-rays with single-sided imaging thus producing the best possible images for back-scatter devices that are very easy to interpret. With improved sub-surface resolution, contrast and depth information the SXI™ system is suitable for the detection of cracks and voids, delamination, corrosion, adhesive thickness and other flaws and defects.

A major advantage of the SXI™ system is the low radiation hazard that means the personnel exclusion zone is only one metre thus ensuring the minimum disruption to production and other work.

Various formats are available including: scanner, robotic arm and gantry plus a mobile linear rail system that is easily transported to the test area. This means the SXI™ system can be used in a wide range of applications from nuclear reactors, to aerospace and the automotive industry and can be deployed on land, sea and in the air.