A compact and ergonomic digital contamination monitor

Providing the sensitive response needed for the monitoring of gamma contamination, the Radhound Mini addresses the common pitfalls of traditional monitors such as excessive weight, cost, and fragility.

Available in two models, including a floor monitor, the Radhound Mini is a lightweight solution with an ergonomic design for single-handed contamination monitoring.

Simply point and aim.

Application areas

  • Health physics for contamination monitoring on surfaces, clothing, and objects, etc.
  • Nuclear Medicine departments, suitable for e.g. Tc-99m, I-125, I-131, F-18.
  • Radiological survey work and laboratory use.
  • Veterinary clinics focused on equine scintigraphy.

Introducing SiPM detectors

The Radhound Mini features an integrated NaI(TI) Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) detector. SiPMs are solid-state devices making them resistant to shock and vibrations that may occur because of extensive handling by users. They are commonly used in radiation detection and medical imaging systems.

Reduced Size

Each SiPM detector has thousands of micron-sized avalanche photodiodes (APD) arranged in a bespoke array for optimal optical coupling with the Radhound Mini’s scintillation crystal. This reduces the monitor’s size and weight while maintaining counting efficiency.

Energy window of interest

The energy window of interest can be open or set to low, medium, or high to optimise sensitivity for lower energy gamma radiation or higher energy PET isotopes.

Smart averaging software

Smart averaging software ensures a steady display that can be read with confidence, providing a quick response to ensure no contamination has been missed.

Adjustable alarm levels

Fully adjustable alarm levels and optional sounds.

Integrator function

Integrator function available for surveying options.


Resistant to shock and vibrations caused by extensive handling thanks to solid-state technology.

LCD display

Clear backlit LCD display with count rate displayed in large clear numbers and a bar scale underneath.

Re-chargeable Batteries

Micro-USB connection to charge NiMH AA-cell batteries, which can be easily swapped if needed.


Weighs just 610 g.


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