Monitoring gamma contamination in equine scintigraphy

14th November 2023

Southern Scientific’s Radhound Mini F is a new floor monitor ideal for veterinary hospitals and equine centers performing nuclear imaging

The Radhound Mini F has the sensitive response needed for the monitoring of radiation contamination caused by gamma-emitting radionuclides used in equine scintigraphy and nuclear imaging such as Tc-99m. It addresses the common pitfalls of traditional floor monitors such as excessive weight, cost, and fragility, allowing users to measure tight and low areas from a standing position, whilst reducing exposure.

Featuring an integrated NaI(Tl) Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) detector mounted on a 1-metre carbon fibre rod, the Radhound Mini F is designed to mitigate bending and crouching when laboriously sweeping floors for contamination, thus preventing back-related injuries. It is lightweight and well balanced, ensuring that the monitor can be used comfortably for long periods of time. And when finished, the Radhound Mini F can be stored tidily in its wall-mount.

Sensitive counting efficiency with SiPM detectors

Commonly used in radiation detection and medical imaging systems, SiPM detectors are solid-state devices making them resistant to shock and vibrations that may occur because of extensive handling by users. Each detector has thousands of micron-sized avalanche photodiodes (APD) arranged in a custom-made array for optimal optical coupling with the Radhound Mini F’s scintillation crystal. This reduces the monitor’s size and weight while maintaining counting efficiency.

The Radhound Mini is also available in a standard model without the pole-mounted detector providing the flexibility needed for monitoring surfaces, clothing, and objects. It has the same intuitive operation and functionality as the floor monitor in a compact and ergonomic design.

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