Discover an easier way to monitor gamma contamination with the Radhound Mini

7th December 2023

In our latest video, we demonstrate the key features of our new radiation monitor for nuclear medicine

Product Specialist Luke Brammer demonstrates the recently released Radhound Mini in our new video, highlighting the key features and benefits of Southern Scientific's new digital radiation monitor. Dedicated to nuclear medicine, it has the sensitive response needed for the monitoring of gamma contamination while addressing the common pitfalls of traditional monitors such as excessive weight, cost, and fragility.

Effortlessly sweep floors and toilets using a dedicated floor monitor

Available in two models, it is a lightweight solution for single-handed contamination monitoring. The Radhound Mini F is a dedicated floor monitor with the detector mounted on a one-metre carbon fibre rod for sweeping floors and patient toilets. This allows users to measure tight and low areas from a standing position without bending whilst reducing exposure. The Mini F is lightweight and well-balanced, allowing it to be used comfortably for long periods of time.

Reduced weight, same responsive counting efficiency

The Radhound Mini has a NaI(TI) SiPM-based integrated detector for a quick and sensitive response. Silicon Photomultipliers maintain counting efficiency while reducing the monitor’s weight, which is just 610 g. With a simple display, the monitor offers a similar response to that of a Radhound SS404 AL or a Mini 44A 900 at a fraction of the size and a reduction in cost.

Comfortable, ergonomic design for extended use

The ergonomic design means it can always be held firmly and securely without strain. It is rechargeable via a USB port or can be connected to rechargeable AA batteries. The monitor is turned on and off by the trigger on the handle while on the display, count rate is displayed in clear numbers with a bar scale underneath. The smart averaging software ensures that a steady display can be read with confidence.

Useful for lower energy gammas or higher energy PET isotopes

For surveying options, the Radhound Mini has an integrator function and an audible alarm draws attention to any identified hazards. Similarly, the energy window of interest can be set to low, medium, or high, depending on whether you're looking at lower energy gamma contamination or higher energy PET isotopes.

Find out more

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