A flexible and user-friendly equine gamma camera

All our systems are single headed equine gamma cameras, with the best linearity and uniformity features, encompassing the spectrum of the veterinary market and nuclear medicine.

The slide roll construction offers smooth quiet operation with excellent reliability and optimum positioning of the patient without the need for patient realignment. The equine scanner is suspended just above the floor allowing for ease of movement for the operator.

Equine Scanner H.R. key features:

  • Variable acquisition zoom guaranteeing optimum image quality, especially for small animals like dogs and cats. Allows for documentation via a color printer as well as network export.

  • Simple, fast and reliable mounting for the collimator.

  • Provided with an 8 mm Perspex panel as a safeguard against mechanical damage to the collimator without degrading image quality.

With these equine gamma camera systems, MiE encompasses the broad spectrum in veterinary nuclear medicine with optimum image quality for scintigraphy on a standing horse as well as small animals like dogs and cats.


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