Equine scintigraphy revolutionised with the flexible and user-friendly MiE equine gamma camera

Enhance your equine scintigraphy capabilities, including bone scanning and lameness scanning, with the MiE Equine Scanner H.R. All our systems are single headed equine scintigraphy gamma cameras, with the best linearity and uniformity features, encompassing the spectrum of the veterinary market and nuclear medicine.

The slide roll construction offers smooth quiet operation with excellent reliability and optimum positioning of the patient without the need for patient realignment. The equine scanner is suspended just above the floor allowing for ease of movement for the operator. 

Equine Scanner H.R. key features:

  • Variable acquisition zoom guaranteeing optimum image quality, especially for small animals like dogs and cats. Allows for documentation via a color printer as well as network export.

  • Simple, fast and reliable mounting for the collimator.

  • Provided with an 8 mm Perspex panel as a safeguard against mechanical damage to the collimator without degrading image quality.

With these equine gamma camera systems, MiE encompasses the broad spectrum in veterinary nuclear medicine with optimum image quality for scintigraphy on a standing horse as well as small animals like dogs and cats.

MIE Equine Scanner H.R. equine gamma camera UK customers 

The MIE Equine Scanner H.R. has been installed in several key equine hospital sites throughout the United Kingdom. Click the tabs below to find out more about customers. 

Oakham Veterinary Hospital, Rutland

Small animal scintigraphy using the MiE Equine Scanner

Although originally intended for equine scintigraphy, the MiE has the necessary imaging resolution and motion correction to successfully image small animals, which is becoming increasingly common. It is being used by a global user base for renograms and p-shunt scintigraphy on dogs and in thyroid diagnostics and radioiodine treatment in cats.

Here in the UK, Oakham Veterinary Hospital has been using an MiE to nuclear image dogs diagnosed with lameness. Oakham is a Tier 3 veterinary hospital and part of the IVC Group. It offers a full suite of imaging services for both large and small animals, including scintigraphy, MRI, CT, X-ray, and Ultrasound. Being so confident in the images produced with horses, the hospital began using the MiE for dogs who were referred to Oakham by orthopaedic specialists.

You can learn more about small animal scintigraphy using the MiE by clicking the button below.


Donnington Grove Veterinary Group, Newbury

Motion-corrected equine scintigraphy for racing and riding horses

Donnington Grove is a veterinary group in Newbury, Berkshire, with a dedicated equine center. With a long association with Lambourn racing and led by RCVS, European, and American recognised specialists, Donnington Grove has been using the MiE to image both riding and racing horses for the past three years.

As a senior veterinary nurse, Lisa Spencer works closely with Donnington Grove’s imaging specialists, as well as training new graduate vets who join as interns. Lisa’s typical workload means she performs at least one or two scans on riding and racehorses every day.

You can find out what Lisa had to say about the MiE by clicking the button below.


Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital, University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool’s Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital at Leahurst Campus on the Wirral is one of the busiest equine referral centers in the UK. The clinic sees over 2,000 equine cases per year ranging from routine, elective referrals for the investigation of lameness and metabolic disease to emergency referrals for colic surgery. The Equine Hospital has a key role in the teaching of undergraduate veterinary students and in providing continuing professional development (CPD) for veterinary surgeons based in the UK and abroad.

Newmarket Equine Hospital, Newmarket

Newmarket Equine Hospital (NEH) is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility that recently chose the MiE Equine Scanner. NEH is a world-renowned specialist veterinary center providing first opinion and referral services for horses throughout the UK and internationally. 

Curragh Equine Diagnostics, Curragh, Ireland

Curragh Equine Diagnostics, a new joint venture between Sycamore Lodge and Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospitals, chose the MiE equine gamma camera when embarking on the joint venture to offer cutting edge diagnostics.

You can learn more about the MiE at Curragh Equine Diagnostics by clicking the button below.


Langford Vets Equine Referral Hospital, Bristol

Langford Vets, a leading equine referral hospital in the South West, has chosen the MiE Equine Gamma Camera to upgrade its existing scintigraphy unit.

You can learn more about the MiE at Langford Vets by clicking the button below.


Rainbow Equine Hospital, Malton

Rainbow Equine Hospital, the largest Equine Referral Hospital in the North East of England, has been at the forefront of equine medicine for over 30 years. To revolutionise its service the hospital invested in a MiE.

You can learn more about the MiE at Rainbow Equine Hospital by clicking the button below.


Rossdales Equine Hospital, Newmarket

An MIE Equine Scanner was installed at Rossdales Equine Hospital, the largest independent equine veterinary practice in the UK. 

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies is a world leader in veterinary education, research, and clinical practice.

Royal Veterinary College London, Hatfield

The Hertfordshire based equine practice consists of internationally recognised RCVS Specialists who provide comprehensive services in including medicine, surgery and diagnostic imaging. The practice chose the MIE Equine scanner to compliment their range of services. 

Three Counties Equine Hospital, Cheltenham

The Three Counties Equine Hospital chose the MIE equine scanner to provide a sophisticated service to their practice. 


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