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Southern Scientific to exhibit at the CBRN Symposium in Shrivenham

10th November 2014

Southern Scientific will be exhibiting at the annual International CBRN Symposium of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom at Shrivenham from the 11th to the 12th November 2014. This is the seventeenth in the series held under the auspices of CBRN-UK and comes at a time when security issues are a hot topic of discussion in governmental departments not only in the UK and Europe, but around the world.

Southern Scientific to exhibit at the EANM’14

16th October 2014

Southern Scientific will be exhibiting alongside LabLogic at the 27th Annual European Association of Nuclear Medicine Congress which is taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Pin-Tec Beta Plus 5cc Syringe Shield, only £100

9th June 2014

A brand new item, which provides a superior level of protection for anyone handling pure beta emitting radioisotopes. The Pin-Tec design utilizes a double-pronged grip for maximum syringe hold with an easy release push clip for quick syringe release. The shield is constructed of acrylic and the exterior is encased with a thin layer of lead to shield Bremsstrahlung.

FLIR software update improves radiation monitoring device capabilities

6th May 2014

FLIR have recently released a software upgrade for their handheld devices such as the identiFINDER and the nanoRaider.

Southern Scientific adds Modular Electronics

27th March 2014

Southern Scientific has secured a distributor agreement with Wiener, Plein & Baus GmbH, a German manufacturer of state-of-the-art modular electronics systems.

Multi-modal sampling GC/MS for chemical identification

21st February 2014

Interest continues to grow in the Griffin 460 GC/MS and Southern Scientific are able to arrange a demonstration of the capabilities for any interested customer.

FIDO X3 certified for use within ECAC Airports

14th February 2014

The FIDO X3 is the first handheld explosives detector to be certified by the European Civil Aviation Conference for bottled liquid screening (BLS), opening up new markets for Southern Scientific across Europe and Asia.