FLIR software update improves radiation monitoring device capabilities

6th May 2014

FLIR have recently released a software upgrade for their handheld devices such as the identiFINDER and the nanoRaider.

New benefits for the user include:

  • A newly redesigned web interface making the viewing, editing, and downloading of data or settings easier than ever.
  • Through work with various US and international research agencies, FLIR have improved low energy nuclide identifications in the presence of high energy nuclides. This provides the operator improved performance when masking isotopes are used to hide malicious material.
  • Bluetooth to serial communications can now be utilized to send Reachback via a Satellite phone. Crucial for operators in conditions where cell coverage is not available.
  • The instrument can be configured to begin an ID when a specified dose rate is exceeded. This allows for automated functionality of the instrument allowing the operator to focus on his other duties without interacting with the instrument.

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