Multi-modal sampling GC/MS for chemical identification

21st February 2014

Interest continues to grow in the Griffin 460 GC/MS and Southern Scientific are able to arrange a demonstration of the capabilities for any interested customer.

nullThe ability to easily introduce any type of sample be it solid, liquid or air samples is one of the key benefits to the user.  Multi-modal prepless sample introduction allows even the most basic of user a simple way to get a positive confirmation of a harmful or potentially dangerous chemical.

The Griffin 460 has a specially developed library of over 500 narcotic, explosive and toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) built into the software – as well as having access to over 200,000 additional chemicals in from the NIST library.

Potential customers include police forensic laboratories, petrochemical or environmental labs analyzing volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds (VOC/SVOC), building protection checking for airborne toxic chemicals and the military.  One stand-out feature of the Griffin 460 is the mobility of the unit which utilizes an isolation system that resists shock and vibration. This protective system is integrated inside the casing allowing for quick transition in and out of deployable forensic labs, mobile environment/incident response labs, and CBRNE reconnaissance vehicles. The hardware design also allows for quick access to the internal components, resulting in
minimal system downtime during field-based routine maintenance procedures.

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