The SPIR-Ace is a versatile Radio-Isotope Identifier (RIID), utilizing SPIR technology in a compact, user-friendly package.

Useful for a variety of applications that require efficient detection and identification of radiological threats.

These include security applications, such as civil defence, border & customs.

The SPIR-Ace is also useful for obtaining accurate assessments of nuclear materials for nuclear power plants, safeguarding labs, and more.

The SpirACE can also be connected to a GMP-25 alpha/beta pancake probe to assess contamination.

  • Continuous acquisition: dose rate, countrate and detection.
  • Multiple specific nuclide libraries depending on application.
  • Source searching guidance.
  • Enclosure class : IP54.
  • Connection to external alpha / beta probe.
  • Can be connected to other warning and surveillance devices (e.g. watch, tablet).


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