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22nd February 2021

SPECT Imaging: Sign up for the MOLECUBES webinar series 

An Introduction to SPECT Imaging: Wednesday 24th February 4pm GMT

SPECT imaging is a powerful tool to research functional behavior of biomarkers, drug compounds, particles, etc. in an organizm. One of the strong advantages of SPECT over other research instrumentation is that it allows to follow-up one organizm over time via quantitative, three-dimensional, functional data. In preclinical research, SPECT typically addresses research questions on e.g. disease progression, fundamental biological processes, biodistribution. The scope of “An introduction to SPECT imaging” includes an introduction of medical imaging, the physics principles of SPECT and example applications. MOLECUBES will be happy to take your questions on how SPECT can accelerate your research. This is the first webinar of a series of educational sessions, during which MOLECUBES cover both introductions to and advanced insights in preclinical SPECT, PET and CT imaging. 


Advanced insights in preclinical SPECT: Thursday 4th March 4pm GMT

The session aims at sharing best practices in preclinical SPECT research, by starting from the technology. The trade-off between sensitivity, resolution and field-of-view and its impact on images are explained, as well as advances in technology, e.g. innovative detector and collimator designs that boost intrinsic resolution and volume sensitivity. With the technology learnings as a basis, advice is formulated on how to set up SPECT research protocols. After the session, there will be time to answer questions from the audience. The session will be hosted experts in the field from a technology and scientific perspective, MOLECUBES co-founders (Roel Van Holen, CEO and Karel Deprez, Senior R&D Engineer) and Sara Neyt, Head of Application Support.