University of Liverpool choose complete preclinical solution

8th November 2018

The University of Liverpool choose MOLECUBES preclinical imagers

The University of Liverpool have chosen MOLECUBES preclinical imagers as the foundation for their new preclinical laboratory. Southern Scientific have supplied a complete preclinical solution to fulfil their PET, SPECT, and CT scanning requirements.

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MOLECUBES offer three innovative separate benchtop imagers or 'CUBES', perfectly suited for whole body in-vivo multimodal preclinical imaging.


The β-CUBE PET preclinical imager is the sub-millimetre, high-sensitivity whole-body mouse and rat micro-PET scanner. The instrument operates with the latest photon counting technology, GPU-based event positioning, and iterative image reconstruction.


A high throughput CT imager, the X-CUBE CT preclinical imager allows for fast whole-body mouse and rat CT imaging at extremely low doses with excellent soft tissue contrast. Lightweight, with a self-shielded imaging unit; it is a truly mobile in vivo scanner.


The γ-CUBE SPECT preclinical imager offers high-sensitivity, high-resolution whole-body mouse and rat SPECT imaging. Patented lofthole technology and laser-sintered collimators, combined with high-resolution detectors, resulting in a truly high-end, benchtop imager.

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