Ami HT optical imaging system

The Ami HT optical imaging system establishes a new, high throughput benchmark for in vivo imaging suitable for specialist researchers and small teams. The Ami HT series completely replaces and improves upon the Ami series.

This is underscored by the growing awareness and requirement in research and industry for much larger mice sample sizes than was previously considered acceptable and reflects the continuing commitment of SI Imaging to industry needs for higher throughput within reasonable budgets and form factors.

Using Ami HT, researchers in pharma, academia, early-stage biotech as well as global CROs can conduct optical imaging for studying small animal disease model progression, response to therapy, and cell migration in vivo.

Cutting edge technology

The cutting edge patented LED-based illumination provides unprecedented power and previously unattained sensitivity for FLI and BLI. The Ami HT X are also well suited when early detection and marking disease progression are of value.

The Ami HT come equipped for the largest native FOV on the market based on comparable products from other vendors (for example – at 25 cm x 17 cm it handily outperforms the IVIS® Lumina III).

Other products aspire to widen their FOV by using a corrective expansion lens, which by the laws of physics will reduce the sensitivity dramatically.  Not the Ami HT which delivers a native FOV of 25cm x 17cm, easily imaging 5 mice at a time.

The Ami HT is field upgradeable for X-Ray to the same spec as Ami HTX.

The Ami HT, and Ami HTX, can also be ordered with an available Access Port or have it added in the lab at a later date. This allows teams to procure within the initial budget and upgrade as future demand.

Like the Lago, the Ami HT comes equipped with a solid-state air-cooled camera and state of the art high-performance imaging capabilities.

Free, unlimited copies of AMIView software, coupled with competitive support plans, and low entry cost make the Ami HT and Ami HTX the sensible choice for many researchers.

The Ami HT and Ami HTX imaging systems are designed from the ground up using precision 3rd generation components to provide a stable, high-quality package for optical preclinical imaging. The instruments are absolutely calibrated.

AMI HT optical imaging system specifications

  • Bioluminescent Imaging
  • Fluorescent Imaging
  • X-Ray
  • High Throughput
  • Pure LED Illumination (patented)
  • 100X Light Intensity on specimen
  • 10 LED Wavelengths from 430nm to 745nm
  • 10 Filters Included From 530nm to 790 nm
  • Selection of 20 Filters available
  • Custom Emission Filters For Plant Imaging
  • Solid State Cooled CCD Camera (–90C), no leaks.
  • High-Performance Imager
  • CCD Camera w Back Illumination
  • Ultra-wide category-leading 25cm x 17cm optical FOV
  • X-Ray FOV is 25 x 15 cm
  • Up to 40kV maximum X-Ray energy
  • Field Upgrade X-Ray
  • Field Upgrade for Access Port
  • Field Upgrade to High Throughput Configuration.
  • Absolutely Calibrated
  • Acquisition PC and Monitor included
  • AMIView Image Analysis Software – Unlimited Free Copies
  • Vertical Sliding door with reduced Waste Anesthesia Gas
  • Rigid Strong Back high integrity structure
  • 13-month Warranty Included

Ami-HTX optical imaging system with X-ray

The Ami-HTX optical imaging system with X-ray includes the same functionality as the Ami-HT system with additional X-ray imaging capabilities. 

The Ami HTX provides an outstanding 25cm x 15cm FOV for X-Ray as well. When compared with a Lumina XRMS (10cm x 10cm) the Ami HTX provides a stunning 375% advantage. None of the other manufacturers have anything close to this powerful combination of sensitivity and multi-modal FOV.

Existing Ami HT users

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University of Iowa, USA

Comparison of high sensitivity bioluminescent imaging systems for ultra-weak signal applications

The Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics and Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Iowa’s Carver College of Medicine has been using Spectral Instrument Imaging’s Ami HTX for comparisons in bioluminescent imaging (BLI). During the study, the lower limits of three instruments – the IVIS 100, IVIS Spectrum, and Ami HTX – were examined on their observation and quantification of weak bioluminescent (BLI) signals.

You can find out how the Ami HTX compared in a study by Michael D. Henry et al. by clicking the button below.



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