Advantage™ I-125 diagnostic seeds can help physicians treat patients in a more convenient and accurate way.

Radioactive Seed Localisation is a safe, effective and increasingly popular technique for the preoperative localisation of nonpalpable breast lesions, with several advantages compared to other traditional methods (Goudreau, Joseph, & Seiler, 2015)

Southern Scientific Ltd. are now the UK partner for the Advantage™ I-125 diagnostic seeds. We can supply, transport, and dispose of your seeds in an efficient and convenient way. 

Having pre-loaded needles with I-125 diagnostic seeds saves time, skill, and effort for the radiologists and minimizes the risk of dropping or losing a seed compared to manual loading of needles.

Advantage™ I-125 diagnostic seeds have the following advantages:

  • Low activity, pre-loaded in a choice of 5, 7, or 12cm needles
  • Available in two different activities - 2.4 MBq and 9 MBq
  • All loaded needles are supplied sterile with a 180 day shelf life
  • Minimize migration with the option of having the seed loaded alone with a trailing spacer or with the seed and spacer stranded together 

Every order comes with:

  • A decay chart telling you the activity on each day
  • A lead pouch for the safe an easy transport of individual needles

Southern Scientific Ltd. manufacturers and supplies the C-Trak Galaxy gamma probe system, which is the perfect instrument for the detection and localisation of Advantage™ I-125 diagnostic seeds.

Iodine-125 Diagnostic Seeds localisation research

Langhans, L., Tvedskov, T., Klausen, T., Jensen, M., Talman, M., Vejborg, I., Benian, C., Roslind, A., Hermansen, J., Oturai, P., Bentzon, N. and Kroman, N. (2017). Radioactive Seed Localization or Wire-guided Localization of Nonpalpable Invasive and In Situ Breast Cancer. Annals of Surgery, 266(1), pp.29-35.

  • Objective: To compare the rate of positive resection margins between radioactive seed localization (RSL) and wire-guided localization (WGL) after breast-conserving surgery (BCS).
  • Conclusion: RSL offers a major logistic advantage, as localization can be done several days before surgery without any increase in positive resection margins compared with WGL.

Goudreau, S., Joseph, J. and Seiler, S. (2015). Preoperative Radioactive Seed Localization for Nonpalpable Breast Lesions: Technique, Pitfalls, and Solutions. RadioGraphics, 35(5), pp.1319-1334.

  • Iodine 125 (125I) radioactive seed localization has emerged as a reliable and safe alternative to wire localization for guidance during the surgical resection of nonpalpable breast lesions.
  • We draw from our experience with more than 1000 cases of radioactive seed localization since inception of our program in 2009 to provide illustrative examples of not only the proper technique of radioactive seed localization, but also mishaps that may occur during this procedure, along with practical suggestions to prevent these problems.
  • Recognizing the potential pitfalls of radioactive seed localization and understanding the appropriate guidelines and precautions for the safe, secure handling and placement of radioactive seeds is essential for a successful radioactive seed localization program.

Murphy, J., Moo, T., King, T., Van Zee, K., Villegas, K., Stempel, M., Eaton, A., St. Germain, J., Morris, E. and Morrow, M. (2013). Radioactive Seed Localization Compared to Wire Localization in Breast-Conserving Surgery: Initial 6-Month Experience. Annals of Surgical Oncology, 20(13), pp.4121-4127.

  • Wire localization (WL) of non-palpable breast cancers on the day of surgery is uncomfortable for patients and impacts OR efficiency. Radioactive seed localization (RSL) before the day of surgery avoids these disadvantages. 
  • In the first 6 months of RSL, operative scheduling was simplified, while rates of positive and close margins were similar to those seen after many years of experience with WL. Operative time was slightly longer for RSL lumpectomy and SLNB; we anticipate this will decrease with experience.


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