High priority threat coverage 

MX908 is deployed by militaries and first responders around the world for detection and identification of chemical threats.

With the addition of MX908 Beacon™, operators can augment their area monitoring capability to provide real time identification of aerosol and vapor chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and pharmaceutical based agents (PBAs) for extended durations, adding a layer of protection for special events, hazmat response and critical infrastructure. A remote communications package allows users to operate and monitor multiple Beacons from anywhere in the world while sharing real time data with their team.

Beacon advantages 

  • Only area monitor for vapor and aerosol identification
  • Remote monitoring anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with any MX908 device
  • Discreet, environmentally hardened case
  • Trace identification (low-mid ppb/ng) of threats
  • Extended operation and standby time
  • Easy data sharing capability


The MX908 Beacon has a wide variety of applications.

Area monitoring for:

  • Hazmat response 
  • Key events 
  • Military operations 
  • Critical infrastructure 
  • Exclusion zone monitoring 
  • Decontamination monitoring 
  • VIP Protection 
  • Clandestine lab operations 
  • CBRN Vehicles

Threat categories:

  • A-series agents (Novichoks)
  • V-series agents 
  • G-series agents 
  • HD Mustard 
  • Pharmaceutical-based agents 
  • Lachrymatory agents

Technical Specifications 

Size 22 x 17.9 x 10.4 in
Weight  < 30 lbs
Power Imbedded Li Ion batteries or shore power for 8+ hours of continuous operations
Communications  User-provided cellular device/WiFi hotspot to secure web page
Sample introduction  Continuous gas/vapor analysis with periodic aerosol analysis via thermal desorption
Data Export Data export from secure web server
Remote Management 
  • Monitor multiple sessions in a single portal. Start/stop scans, monitor results, share data.
  • Alerts are sent discreetly to user connected computer or mobile devices


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