Airborne and gas form Tritium sampling device

The Marc 7000 tritium sampler from SDEC is the perfect instrument for measuring low levels of tritium in air. Particular applications include sampling of air from stacks, hoods, rooms and the environment.

The Marc 7000 is widely used and recognised within the international nuclear industry, and in particular; nuclear power plants, nuclear research centers, radioactive waste treatment facilities and isotope laboratories.

The bubbler has been specifically designed with efficient tritium capture in mind, using a series of four vials, a cooling system and a catalytic oven to collect both tritium vapor (HTO) and gaseous tritium (HT).

The tritium activity in the collected sample can be measured with a liquid scintillation counter on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and can then be used in combination with the sampled air volume to calculate the tritium-in-air concentration. This gives an efficient way to monitor tritium levels with a much higher sensitivity than even the most sophisticated live tritium monitor.


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