Ceiling radiation monitor for patient monitoring

The Southern Scientific ceiling radiation monitor has been developed to provide activity monitoring of therapy patients following administration of radioactive therapeutic treatment.

Typically the monitoring detector(s) is mounted in the ceiling above the patient bed (generally behind the ceiling tiles). A lead shield is used to collimate the detector to improve measurement response.

The system is available with a range of optional detector configurations, the selection of which is dependent on the application. i.e. the isotope of interest, the expected activity range and the distance to the patient bed.

Ceiling radiation monitor key advantages:

  1. To follow ALARA regarding unnecessary exposure to staff
  2. Improve security and safety - with the assurance that the patient is resident in the therapy ward

Ceiling radiation monitor options:

  1. GM Detector: Used for high range activity measurements.
  2. GM and NaI(Tl) Spect Detector: Used for high range and low range activity measurements by use of an additional sensitive gamma probe and Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA).

Activity measurement for ceiling radiation monitor

The Southern Scientific Total Activity Measurement Software (TAMS) remotely records the patient activity. It is possible to plot and review the data, allowing the calculation of the equivalent dose rate. This can assist in making the decision as to when the patient is safe to leave the department.

Please note: TAMS does not incorporate the MCA software for the spectroscopy option - spectroscopy measurements are managed in a separate program.

Ceiling radiation monitor probes

A range of radiation probes is available for use with this system. For more details, please see the datasheet and don't hesitate to contact us.


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