Airborne and organic form C14 sampler

An entirely new concept, the Hague 7000 C14 sampler brings original solutions in the exploitation of sampling systems for Carbon gas and Carbon water. This sampler is mainly used for the detection of chimney rejects and Carbon wastes degassing.

The unit was designed to provide optimum sampling efficiency with ergonomics adapted to all utilization conditions. The liquid solution can now be collected monthly (instead of a usual weekly frequency) thanks to a cooling system water circuit that will prevent all sample loss due to evaporation in the feeding bottles. Its original dynamic tightening system on the four feeding bottles permits manipulation (on/off) in all circumstances without pressing back or solution loss.

Carbon 14 is trapped in a soda solution or a scintillating liquid for further spectrometry analysis in a laboratory. The Carbon 14 contained in the sampled air is either as CO2, CO gas or organic C.

  • The CO2 gas is directly trapped into the first and second bottles.
  • The CO gas and organic C are oxidised in the oven to form CO2 which is trapped in the third and fourth bottles.

The ratio between radionuclide quantity measured in the bottles and the quantity of swallowed air allows to calculate the C14 concentration.

In compliance with the NF M60-812-1 Norm.

C14 sampler instrument advantages:

  • Excellent trapping efficiency (close to 99%).
  • Cooling system to increase sampling length (option).
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy to use.
  • Connectable to all sampling lines.

Hague 7000 C14 sampler specifications:

Test Results
Repeatability and accuracy AIRFLOW Repeatability: ±0.8%
Accuracy: ±1%
Repeatability and accuracy of oxidising oven temperature According to specifications given in technical performances
C14 trapping (air carbon) Trapping efficiency > 85%
C14 trapping (methane carbon)     Trapping efficiency > 90%
Other radioactive gas RESPONSE No influence
Cold system efficiency Room temperature = +20°c Water temp. in feeding bottle = +5°c
Room temperature = +45°c Water temp. in feeding bottle = +15°c


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