The DPM 7001 is a mobile liquid scintillation counter equipped with two photomultipliers, giving it a high counting efficiency and low background noise. It is specially designed for the counting of tritium and carbon-14.

The DPM 7001 is totally innovative in the range of small liquid scintillation counters, as it is the only one equipped with two photomultipliers.

Due to its small size and its light weight (16kg), it can be transported easily on monitoring sites for quick measurements.

It also offers the user many functionalities: Setting of counting window, connection with computer or with thermal printer, spectra, data report in excel format.

  • High counting efficiency (H3 > 37%, C14 > 94%)
  • Low background noise (< 40 CPM )
  • Light weight : 16 kg
  • Control and reading on LCD display or on PC (optional software)
  • Data export in excel format
  • Two counting channels for two simultaneous countings - Ease of use


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