Suitable for all Contamination and Radiation Detection

The Radhound radiation monitor is a multi-purpose digital radiation survey meter suitable for all your contamination monitoring and radiation protection requirements.

The portable Radhound radiation detection instrument is a cost effective, feature packed digital radiation monitor that is simple and easy to use. The radiation count rate is displayed in large clear numbers and also on a bar scale. Our smart averaging software means a steady display that can be read with confidence, yet provides a fast response.

For source finding, one button push on the radiation detection meter changes the display to a histogram plot. Alpha and Beta/Gamma counts can be displayed separately or on the same screen.

For surveying Radhound also has a time to count function.

Radhound Handheld Radiation Monitor Features

  • Low cost and easy to use radiation meter.
  • Clear digital LCD display with backlight.
  • GM and scintillation radiation monitor and detector options.
  • Scaler timer function.
  • Ergonomic tilt stand.
  • Wall mountable.
  • Fully adjustable alarm levels.
  • CE marked.

Radiation Detection Meter Applications

  • Health physics: for radiation contamination monitoring on surfaces, clothing and objects etc.
  • Nuclear medicine departments, suitable for 125I, 99Tc etc.
  • Radiological survey work and lab use.
  • Emergency planning, response and clean up.
  • Research applications.

Please contact us for more information, to request a quote, or request a free demonstration.

Units CPS, CPM, uSv/hr with autorange
Display Clear backlit LCD display
Controls Power, up, down, OK (menu keys)
Environmental        Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C Storage temperature -25°C to +60°C
Power Lithium Ion rechargeable, typically >12 hours continuous use. Charger supplied
Cleaning Radhound is chemical resistant, and can be cleaned with Alcohol wipes
Range Typically 0 - to 99999 counts per second (range and units are software selectable depending on probe)
Response Time 0.5 seconds
Functionality Rate, histogram, timed count, count to time, time remaining to dose, alpha beta discrimination (depending on probe
High Voltage 350 - 1200v selectable in menu (can be locked)
Averaging ‘Smart Averaging’ provides fluid number change, whilst retaining a response time adjustable between slow, medium and fast
Mechanical Dimensions 160 x 250 x 85 mm approx (with stand)

The Radhound can be used with third party detectors, please contact us to check compatibility.

Southern Scientific offer a wide range of Radhound probes  and accessories suitable for various isotopes.

Handheld Radiation Monitor Probes

SS300 Probe - Contamination Probe

SS315 Probe - Contamination Probe

SS330 Probe - Dose Rate Probe

SS335 Probe - Dose Rate Probe

SS340 Probe - Dose Rate Probe

SS404 Al & Be Probe - Scintillation Probes

SS500 Probe - Scintillation Probes

SS440 B Probe - Alpha / Beta Contamination Probes

SS600 Probe - Alpha / Beta Contamination Probes

SS700 Probe - Alpha / Beta Contamination Probes

Radiation Monitor Accessories

Radhound Alarm

Additional Options

Probe Cable

A curly probe cable is provided with the Radhound portable radiation detection meter as standard and is fixed at the monitor end.

No probe cable is provided with the Radhound X as this will depend on customer preference. A 1 metre straight cable is recommended for most applications, however, different lengths and types of cable, such as coiled cable, are available. We can also provide quantity numbers of probe cables to order.

Data Transfer Options

Wired Serial Socket

An RS-232 port can be added to the Radhound or Radhound X to allow connection to a Windows-based PC or tablet. Measurements can be transferred in real time and displayed on the screen through a simple communications protocol. This data can then be saved in a .csv format. A straight through 9 way female serial connector must be used, which is not included. Please be aware that adding this port removes the weatherproof status of the Radhound X.

Infared Serial

The Radhound can be fitted with an internal infrared transmitter to send data without the need for a wired RS-232 serial port. The IR transmitter can transfer measurement data in one direction only, over a line-of-sight distance of up to 1 metre. An IR receiver is included with the purchase of this option, which plugs into the USB drive of a Windows based PC or tablet, to pick up real time data transmission from the meter.All contamination probes are tested against our in-house sources and are provided with a basic test certificate, confirming that the probe response to radiation is within the expected limits.

Instrument Cases

Rugged travel cases are available in sizes to suit your application. These are genuine Peli Cases, which offer unrivalled protection for your equipment. They have foam inserts which can be customized to fit which ever probes you require.

Connector Type

Please specify with your order which type of connector you would like to be used for your probe and meter. MHV connectors are now the most common for handheld devices and are used for our products as standard. Some older instruments use PET or BNC type connectors, which we can fit by request, but please note that some of these older types are not recommended due to safety concerns.


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