The RDS-100 Radiation Protection System offers comprehensive radiation management and unsurpassed reliability in a self-contained, portable system.

The Radiac Meter included in this system, is equipped with "SMART" technology, which allows any system probe or training probe to be interchanged and used immediately without calibrating.

All calibration data is stored in the probes and read by the Radiac Meter upon connection. An optional GPS-based Large-Area Training System provides documented assurance that personnel are properly trained, without any exposure to radioactive materials.

The system also uses Canberra's patented "Time-to-Count" technique providing outstanding linearity over the entire dynamic range of the instrument. No compensation for high levels is necessary.

  • Storage of up to 300 data points, including dose rate, date and time
  • GPS compatible
  • Compatible with "SMART" Probes
  • Outstanding linearity over a wide dynamic range
  • Can be calibrated using license-free source
  • Compatible with Training Probes
  • Can be operated and read while wearing fire or hazmat protective clothing
  • Will not ignite explosive atmospheres - intrinsically safe
  • Waterproof to 3ft
  • Background Subtract feature
  • Electronic filter to reduce fluctuations in readings
  • Built-in RS-232 interface
  • Automatic self-calibration


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