A Series Handheld Radioisotope Identification Device (RIID)

The A Series is the new standard in radioisotope identification devices,  combining excellent energy resolution with directionality without the need for cryogenic cooling using CZT detectors.

The most advanced semiconductor technology available to achieve spectroscopic performance competitive with cryogenically cooled detectors for Border security, First responders, military and defence, Environmental radiation measurements.

A Series Handheld Radioisotope Identification Device (RIID) features

  • Practical high-performance radioisotope identifier
  • Compact and portable
  • Independent 3rd-party test results for passing ANSI N42.34 and DNDO TCS standards available by request
  • Option for ≤ 0.8% FWHM energy resolution at 662keV
  • Real-time 360°isotope-specific directionality
  • Ready to use in less than 90 s
  • Industry-leading efficiency CZT detectors
  • No cryogenic cooling required
  • Energy range covers isotopes of interest up to 3 MeV
  • Real-time isotope detection and identification
  • Embedded user interface with one-handed operation
  • Storage case included
  • Removable battery
  • Software updates included
  • Wireless connectivity option
  • Network webpage interface for mobile devices

A Series Handheld Radioisotope Identification Device (RIID) models



Resolution (% FWHM @ 662keV)


Spectrometer Range (keV)

50 to 3000

Imaging Range (keV)

100 to 3000

Collimator (" Tungsten)


CZT Volume (cm3)


Weight (lbs.)


Battery Life (hrs.)


IP Rating


Temperature Rating (°F)

-4 to 122

Startup Time (minutes)


User Interfacen

Embedded Screen

*Neutron detector available in models A101 and A401


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