Radhound X335 Advanced Hand-held Survey Meter

The Radhound X335 is an advanced hand-held survey meter with an integrated compensated end window Geiger detector for gamma dose rate monitoring.

Radhound X335 Features

  • Dose Rate Range H*(10): 0 uSv/h – 1 mSv/h
  • Energy response 20 keV - 1.5 MeV
  • Clear digital LCD display with backlight
  • Adjustable alarm levels
  • Timed count and timed dose function
  • Peak mode
  • Over range indication

Radhound X335 Applications 

  • Health physics, for monitoring of surface dose rate (e.g. Jigs, storage areas, emissions from equipment)
  • Nuclear medicine departments
  • Radiological survey work and lab use
  • Emergency planning, response and clean up
  • Research applications



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