Plastic Scintillator Tiles News

Developing Novel Radiation Detectors for Oil-Well Logging with the University of Sheffield

8th June 2020

Developing novel radiation detectors for oil-well logging with the University of Sheffield. Read the full article. 

Student wins award as he researches opportunities for our plastic scintillation tiles.

25th July 2019

Physics student, Diego Alonso Cimadom has had great success with work titled ‘Studies of neutron and gamma sensitivity in undoped and Gd-doped plastic scintillator’  after it won first place at a nuclear security detection workshop. Southern Scientific and the LabLogic group are proud to be partners with the University of Sheffield to be able to be a part of this exciting development. Well Done Diego!

Developing Plastic Scintillation Tiles through a Collaborative Approach

16th August 2018

Southern Scientific is developing a UK base for expertise, development and supply of plastic scintillation materials in partnership with the University of Sheffield. The plastic scintillation tiles have a range of applications, including homeland security, nuclear scanning and nuclear decommissioning. Click here to find out more.