Monitoring artificial radioactive aerosols with the BAB A7

7th November 2023

The aerosol beacon has been designed specifically to monitor nuclear energy sites and dismantling work

The BAB A7 aerosol beacon by Bertin Instruments is a mobile instrument designed to monitor atmospheric contamination of artificial radioactive aerosols and gamma radiation. Portable and robust, it can be used for workplace monitoring, environmental monitoring, and emissions control including either ventilation or process at nuclear power plants and associated infrastructure.

Mitigating environmental factors for accurate measurement

Performance of aerosol beacons are influenced by several factors such as gamma background, radon progeny activity, and measurement time. The BAB A7’s software mitigates these factors by incorporating a dual time constant and discrimination of radon progeny and gamma background. This ensures excellent measurement performance with fast detection and high accuracy.

Key features for continuous air monitoring

  • Rapid detection of artificial radioactive aerosols containing β-emitting radionuclides (Cs-137, Co-60) or α-emitting radionuclides (Pu-239, Am-241, U-233, U-239).
  • Alarms in case of thresholds exceedance.
  • Real-time monitoring of volumetric radioactivity levels (α and β) in the atmosphere, volumetric radon and thoron activities, as well as internal and external gamma radiation levels with data storage for several weeks.
  • Display of a customizable graph showing activity history, gamma dose rate, etc.
  • Energy spectrum display.

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