Introducing new irradiator systems for preclinical imaging

23rd November 2023

Southern Scientific is the new UK distributor for KUBTEC Scientific, manufacturers of digital cabinet X-ray imaging and irradiator systems

KUBTEC Scientific's X-ray irradiators are accurate, reliable, and provide repeatable results for small animal studies and cell research, saving time while still improving efficiency. X-ray irradiators are considered direct replacements for gamma and Caesium irradiators that emit harmful isotopes, demanding continuous monitoring and presenting potential health hazards.

Based in the US, KUBTEC's irradiators provide a fully shielded and affordable solution to fulfil any radiation requirement that are fully compliant with FDA and Class I device standards. Cabinet systems range from benchtop to freestanding units and offer a wide range of detector sizes, X-ray sources, as well as customizable features that provide solutions for almost any research.

You can see some of KUBTEC's key systems below.

XCELL® 180 benchtop irradiator

The XCELL® 180's compact design enables operation at 180 kV on a benchtop. The high-resolution live feed function allows researchers to instantly access live sample views with a simple click. Through a mobile application, experiments can be remotely overseen with real-time status updates.

PARAMETER® 3D tomosynthesis system

Designed specifically for in vivo small animal studies, the PARAMETER® 3D provides superior resolution for 2D and 3D X-ray images using tomosynthesis technology. The 3D tomosynthesis technology constructs 1 mm digital slices of the sample by acquiring multiple projections at varying degrees enabling the user to better analyze structures.

XCELL® 50 Plus benchtop cabinet X-ray irradiator

The XCELL® 50 Plus is a benchtop unit with an expanded homogenous zone suited for cell and tissue culture research. The system is cost-effective, user-friendly, and reliable with a larger contact area allowing for increased throughput and saving time. With a small footprint and weighing only 36 kg, it is a compact system designed to fit directly in the lab or cell culture room.

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