3D mapping of spent nuclear fuel

30th November 2023

H3D’s new GammAware can be used with existing imaging spectrometers to produce radiation maps

The GammAware can be used with H3D’s existing H and M Series imaging spectrometers for Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) of radiation hotspots in nuclear power plants and reprocessing facilities. Critical areas can be mapped and overlaid onto a 3D model of the imaged area to see areas of interest in each measurement.

In the images above, the radiation emitted by a spent fuel pond heat exchanger in a nuclear power plant was mapped and visualised in three dimensions using the H420 with an added GammAware. Captured images like these can be manipulated and rotated in H3D’s 3D modelling software for better inspection. By providing a better view of hotspots, decontamination or work plans can be easier and safer.

Isolate radiation sources precisely

GammAware is a great tool to isolate source locations precisely on surfaces and map radiation in key areas. Further analysis can then be performed to quantitatively analyze the source term. By using H3D instruments and software to produce radiation maps, virtual navigation is enabled which allows:

  • Improved mapping of source terms.
  • Visualisation of dose rate.
  • Shielding evaluations.
  • Accurate characterisations for waste storage.

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