A fully automated QC solution for medical imaging systems

8th February 2022

Increase reliability and minimize the risk of errors using Pro-Project’s DIAGNOMATIC software

Pro-Project’s DIAGNOMATIC software is a fully automated QC solution for diagnostic medical imaging systems that streamlines data analysis and improves quality assurance. It allows you to manage all imaging systems in one place, without limitation, from small, independent labs with single devices to multiple sites with hundreds of instruments.

Reduce the risk of misdiagnoses

DIAGNOMATIC reduces the risk of misdiagnoses, with imaging system status indicators and alert notifications allowing instant identification of faults. By automating QC processes, it eliminates human error, saves time, and reduces costs, all of which improves patient care.

ISO 27001 certification

DIAGNOMATIC has ISO 27001 certification, which are international specifications for information security management (ISMS), keeping confidential information secure. It is easily integrated with existing IT infrastructure and data can be remotely accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Find out more

Pro-Project has always had a focus on providing solutions to improve the quality of the medical device industry. You can learn more about DIAGNOMATIC by Pro-Project by clicking the button below to speak with our product specialist directly and have a one-to-one guided session.