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Wanted: Old X-ray QA Devices

25th November 2015

Southern Scientific are offering you the chance to trade in your old X-Ray QA device, no matter the manufacturer. In return you will receive discount on a brand new, state of the art RTI device.

Stepping through the portal

26th October 2015

Southern Scientific are now listed on the CBRNe World Procurement Guide website as a supplier of radiation portal monitors.

A return to the fold for Keith

21st September 2015

Keith Thompson has recently re-joined Southern Scientific on a part-time consultancy basis.

Southern Scientific acquires Care Wise Medical Products

13th May 2015

Southern Scientific has maintained an excellent relationship with medical device manufacturer Care Wise for many years, representing them in Europe as their distributor for the C-Trak Galaxy Gamma Probe and Auto Analyzer systems.

Trade In your old RTI Barracuda

27th February 2015

Southern Scientific are offering Barracuda users an opportunity to trade in their old instrument for a brand new Black Piranha.

Upgrade to the C-Trak Galaxy Sentinal Node Probe

11th February 2015

Are you using an old C-Trak? Why not upgrade to the C-Trak Galaxy and keep using your existing probes.

Upgrade your old Capintec

29th January 2015

As many of you will know, the much loved Capintec CRC-15R, which is on thousands of nuclear medicine work benches around the world was discontinued several years ago. Superseded by the more modern CRC-25R and recently the touchscreen CRC-55tR.