The AlphaGuard radon monitor provides a radon lab everywhere

6th September 2018


The highly portable AlphaGuard radon monitor

Did you know?

In addition to radon concentration, the AlphaGUARD radon monitor simultaneously measures and records ambient temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure with its embedded sensors.
Optimal ergonomics, high responsiveness, and a large digital display make the AlphaGUARD a reference device to perform measurement and analysis everywhere from the lab to the field. 
The radon monitor is ideal for:
  • Soil measurement - Emanations below ground are measured with the gas soil probe
  • Radon progenies - Radon progeny concentration is measured with AlphaPM
  • Water measurement - Radon gas in water is controlled with AquaKIT
  • Air measurement - Thoron gas discrimination and measurement mode available

Calibration stability is guaranteed for 5 years ensuring reliable indication, meaning the AlphaGuard needs less time “offline” due to calibration requirements.

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