Take Advantage of Our Special Offer on CBRNe Products

1st June 2018

Exclusive CBRNe Product Discount

Claim Your Exclusive CBRNe Products Discount

Southern Scientific are pleased to offer an exclusive discount on a selection of our CBRNe range of products. Offer ends 30th June 2018 - act now so you don't miss out.

FLIR's Fido X2 handheld explosives trace detector is an ultra-lightweight field instrument. With its TrueTrace technology, the X2 can detect a broad range of chemicals used in explosives with best-in-class sensitivity.

The Serstech 100 Indicator is made for measuring chemicals. The portable, rugged device is ideal for first responders to detect explosives, narcotics, hazardous substances and chemical Warfare Agents.
A world-leading instrument, FLIR's identiFINDER R400 spectroscopic radiation detector is the world-leading field ready gamma spectrometer. At half the size and weight of comparative RIIDs, the R400 offers operators comfort and control when using the device.
For more information on all of these products please contact us. Offers includes the Fido X2, Serstech 100 Indicator and IdentiFINDER R400.