Wilma facilitates screening of water or effluent samples for radioactive content

11th April 2018

Wilma liquid scintillation counter

Wilma is the perfect on-line water monitor for radionuclide detection

Wilma is an on-line fully autonomous liquid scintillation counter with an optional multi-channel analyzer (MCA), meaning it can be left at a water supply to constantly collect and analyze water or effluent samples for radionuclides. 

Wilma's technology removes the need for manual sample collection, preparation and the queuing at a central based liquid scintillation counter and gives you quasi real time results. 

The system automatically sends email alerts to notify you if samples have exceeded threshold limits and if scintillation cocktail or cleaning solution is running low. 

Wilma is ideal for simplifying a range of applications which require routine sampling, including:
  • Ground water contamination monitoring.
  • Monitoring tritium levels in cooling water.
  • Quasi real-time monitoring of drinking water.

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