What makes a good RIID? - CBNW Magazine Feature

12th February 2018

With a growing demand from first responder organizations and the military, manufacturers of handheld gamma ray spectrometers or radioisotope identification devices (RIIDs) are looking at innovative ways to advance product development.  

These devices are commonly used to detect and identify radioactive materials by measuring the energy of emitted gamma rays, helping to prevent illegal movement of radioactive materials. Despite the recent lack of fundamental advances in radiation isotope detection, significant improvements have arrived in the form of software, durability and user experience.

These developments have been best represented in devices such as the SPIR-Ace mobile radiation isotope identification device, a versatile, compact and accurate instrument with an built in mobile handset allowing for direct 'reach-back' of data.

The next generation FLIR R440 radio-isotope identification device includes a radioisotope localisation mode - enabling radiation directionality features to be utilized, which allow users to achieve the best results when completing their work. 

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