The Smart Solution

3rd February 2016

Capintec's CRC®-PC Smart Chamber combines their well-known and highly reliable measurement chamber with an innovative Web based user interface to meet today's business requirements. Remote connectivity and network ready interface set the Smart Chamber apart as the most advanced in dose calibration.

Available in two fill pressures. For unit dose hot labs, the HL model provides excellent low activity sensitivity while covering a wide clinical range of activities. For radiopharmacies, the lower fill pressure of the pharmacy RPh model extends the activity range to accommodate the higher activity yields of today's generators and cyclotron sites.

The innovative functional design of the PC Smart Chamber provides a small footprint and direct interface to Nuclear Medicine Management Systems with remote viewing capability.

Additional features include Ethernet software upgrades, plug and play chamber, and user adjustable threshold for faster response.

nullIf you are looking to upgrade to the Smart Chamber or replace one of your older Capintec models with a 25R or 55tW, we will be happy to discuss options to suit your departmental budget. For further information, technical inquiries or to book an on-site demonstration please contact Scott Baker.