Eljen scintillators - playing a key role in research

23rd February 2016

The Center for Plasma Physics at Queen's University Belfast, have recently been using Eljen scintillators for time of flight calculations.


In a published paper, 'Calibration of Time of Flight Detectors Using Laser-driven Neutron Source,' researchers undertook 'calibration of three scintillators (EJ232Q, BC422Q and EJ410) in a time-of-flight (TOF) arrangement using a laser drive-neutron source. The three plastic scintillator detectors were calibrated with gamma insensitive bubble detector spectrometers, which were absolutely calibrated over a wide range of neutron energies ranging from sub MeV to 20 MeV.'

The results revealed that  EJ228 followed a linear response for proton energy against light output of the scintillator. This demonstrated that the scintillator was working exactly as it should, i.e. it did not lose any functionality at lower or higher proton energies.

Time of flight measurements need to be extremely accurate so it is pleasing to see that the Eljen products lived up to their reputation as one of the best scintillators currently available.

For further information about the Eljen range of scintillators please contact Stefan Janman.