One instrument measures luminance and illuminance: CDmon tests performance and constancy of X-ray boxes

24th February 2011

Now available from Southern Scientific is the Pehamed CDmon, a digital luminance and illuminance meter designed to test the performance and constancy of X-ray viewers and monitors. When used with Pehamed's screen constancy analysis software, PEHAview SCA, the CDmon is able to run acceptance and constancy tests in accordance with DIN V 6868-57 and QSRL.

CDmon has a display and optical measuring system integrated into a compact housing and provides measurement of both luminance in cd/m2 and illuminance in lux within a single instrument to a repeatability of 1%. A laser positioning system ensures fast and accurate set up and computer interface is via a USB port.

PEHAview SCA analysis software is simple to use with intuitive and rapid navigation and provides data transmissions via the CDmon meters allowing automatic generation of required test patterns and constancy tests with clinical reference image. It is also possible to separate acceptance and constancy tests so they can be carried out by different levels of staff.

Different versions are available from a single user operation to the central control of up to six monitors.