BNC 575 sets standards in digital delay and pulse generator technology

24th February 2011

Now available in the UK from Southern Scientific is a new digital delay/pulse generator from Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) that sets new standards in digital delay and pulse generator technology.

The BNC 575 provides multi-channel, 250 ps-resolution timing, delay, gate, pulse and synchronising signals for laser timing and nuclear instrumentation testing. It can also be used for synchronising external clocks and for Q-switch, flash lamp and complex-burst functions.

The unit provides numerous modes of operation and offers a capability far in excess of traditional digital delay and pulse generator models. It is available in two, four and eight channel configurations, with optional Ethernet, high voltage and dual-input trigger capability. Each channel provides both delays and widths, which means that a two-channel BNC-575 provides the same delay and width functionality as a conventional four-channel unit.

Also provided are independent clock rate for each channel and illuminated channel enable buttons allow for easy referemce and avoid any confusion during operation.