ICx introduces the new Fido PaxPoint V2

20th January 2011

Following the success of the Fido PaxPoint™ ICx have released the improved PaxPoint™ V2. This upgrade is designed to test vapors for liquid and peroxide-based threats and fully meets the new airport liquid screening requirements, having been tested and approved under the ECAC Liquid Explosive Detection Systems program. With its exquisite sensitivity and low false alarm rate, the PaxPoint V2 has been specifically designed for use in transit facilities.

The PaxPoint V2 is a handheld, portable advanced trace detector utilizing a combination of novel fluorescence quenching and proprietary chemiluminesent sensing materials, capable of detecting trace amounts of liquid and peroxide-based threats.

The instrument, which weighs less than four pounds, is specifically designed for mobile screening operations in and around airports and transit facilities. It is capable of quickly screening passengers, baggage, containers and open bottles for a broad range of potential threats.

PaxPoint V2 provides acute sensitivity in a rugged device suitable for sustained use in an operational environment. Detection is performed in real time with results presented on a display screen. In contrast to other detectors, the PaxPoint V2 can detect vapors found on passengers, baggage and clear and opaque containers.