RTI Electronics appoints Southern Scientific as new distributor

10th February 2010

Southern Scientific have been appointed as distributors for RTI. RTI are manufacturers of X-ray Quality Assurance Equipment, established in 1981 from Chalmers University in Sweden. They are recognised as a market leading innovator in the field of X-ray Quality Assurance Equipment.

PiranhaThe Piranha is RTI's flagship product, an all-in-one X-ray QA meter that can be configured to meet users specific needs and is easily upgradable if the nature of the work changes or new technology becomes available.

The Piranha can measure on all modalities, RF, mammography, Fluoroscopy, pulsed Fluoroscopy, dental, Panoramic dental and CT systems. Auto-compensation ensures that data is accurate and no manual corrections of measured kVp and dose readings are Barracudarequired. The Piranha is compact, the set up time is short and it is easily transported in a carrying case. The system communicates via a hand held computer and a data acquisition package is available to interface to a laptop.

Other products from RTI include the Barracuda which is designed for use with Ion chambers as well as the full range of solid state detectors, and the new NOVA for measurement and recording of X-ray an light field alignment.