DataVIEW radiation monitoring software

DataVIEW is a user-friendly PC software for retrieving data from measurement devices as well as for analyzing and visualizing. DataVIEW PRO includes besides other sophisticated features a report module which allows free selection of weekdays and/or different times of day.

DataVIEW can directly communicate with AlphaGUARD radon monitor, GammaTRACER radiation area monitor, Spider, MiniTRACE, RadTRACE and AlphaE radon monitor for parameterization and data readout. The connection is established via IR or USB depending on the interface provided by a particular device.

Key benefits:

  • Compatible with MS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  • User-friendly handling
  • Display of value tables and charts
  • Export direct to MS Excel
  • Generation of customized reports

DataVIEW radiation monitoring software versions

DataVIEW Light containing the basic functionalities is delivered free of charge along with the handheld devices AlphaE, MiniTRACE and RadTRACE.

DataVIEW Light allows the user to activate DataVIEW PRO for ten test sessions.

Alternatively DataVIEW PRO with extended functional range is available. This version allows displaying several parameters in up to four charts enabling the user to compare the measurements of different instruments.

Measurement series can be split or merged, zoom and elaborated mathematical functions allow professional data analysis. DataVIEW PRO also provides a report function with individually configurable evaluation and outputs, e.g. for assessing the exposure during the real retention time.


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