Whole body contamination monitor for radiation detection

The CORAPI whole body contamination monitor achieves the best possible performances in Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation detection with current technologies.

The user is controlled in two steps: front side first, then back side. Alpha/Beta radiation detection is achieved using gas tight proportional counters, which offer high Alpha/Beta detection efficiency and its very low sensitivity to the Gamma radiation. This new-patented technology reduces the consumption of gas and the 'dead' zones.

The detectors have very good gas tightness which avoids any continuous gas flow. Only a periodic gas replacement of each detector (2 times per month) is necessary. An integrated device accurately detects any gas loss before a deterioration in the detection performance.

Alpha/Beta detectors are protected with a stainless steel grid, optimized to protect (square holes 2.6 mm2) and achieve good detection performance.

The Gamma radiation detection (option) is using 4 large plastic scintillators covering a total detection area of 210 x 70 cm. Only such a large area is able to guarantee a uniform detection all over the body.

A new algorithm solves the problem of background attenuation differences existing from one person to another.

CORAPI whole body contamination monitor key features:

Key features

The user is controlled in two steps: front side first, then back side.

  • Control in 2 steps with optimized measuring time.
  • Compliant to IEC61098 standard.
  • Very large Alpha/Beta multi-cell detectors reducing drastically the 'dead' zones (4 detectors 100 x 40 cm2 for the body and 1 40 x 21 cm2 for each foot).
  • Very low gas consumption (>0.2l/h) through tight Alpha/Beta detectors.
  • Detection of any loss of tightness of an Alpha/Beta detector.
  • Optimized ergonomics for user with vocal and visual guidance.
  • Optimized ergonomics for technical people with access to 95% of the parts from outside the controlled area.
  • High robustness (realised with more than 90% stainless steel).
  • Beta detection as a standard.
  • Optional Alpha detection.
  • Optional high-performance Gamma detection, using 4 plastic scintillators covering a detection area of 210 x 70 cm and a new algorithm insensitive to background attenuation differences between people.
  • Optional dosimetry interface.
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2.4 x 1 x 1.2 meters
Weight 490 kgs (Alpha/Beta version) 1000 kgs (Alpha/Beta/Gamma version with lead shielding)
Material Stainless Steel for easy decontamination
Main Power Supply 230V AC or 110 AC
Data Link Ethernet Port
Floor Mounting 4 height adjustable feet

BETA Detection

Detector Large area multicell tight proportional counter
Energy Range 5 keV to 3 MeV

GAMMA Detection (optional)

Detector Gamma plastic scintillator
Energy Range    
50 keV to 7 MeV

ALPHA Detection (optional)

Energy Range 4 keV to 11 MeV


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