The radiation detection system DIRAD is an automatic gamma spectroscopic monitor, to detect and identify illegal shipments of radioactive materials on public roads or pathways.

The DIRAD beacon can continuously monitor a flow of people, vehicles and goods without limiting their movement.

The system contains a large NaI(Tl) crystal, which allows, detection and identification of radionuclides, and assessment of threat level. The base of the unit contains the electronics system for data acquisition and processing.

The DIRAD beacon can be equipped with an optional GPS for localization and dating of each event. 

It can be connected to a camera for recording images for identification of the vehicle or the person who was detected as carrying a radioactive object.

This powerful and versatile portal monitor can be utilized in a range of situations, to monitor pedestrians, vehicles, luggage and parcels, and can be used on board moving vehicles, such as planes, trains and ships, in conjunction with its GPS option. 

It is completely autonomous, providing 24/7 monitoring. Automatic stabilisation means that it doesn't need an embedded calibration source. Spectra analysis and isotope identification are automated. The powerful MCA allows medical and normal use isotopes to rejected, with only high threat material triggering an alarm.

  • 4 litre NaI(Tl) detector
  • Enhanced, digital MCA (1024 channels)
  • Automatic stabilisation and calibration 
  • Compliant with ANSI 4238 and IEC 62484
  • >98% identification performance at 1m in 1 second for most threats
  • Weather and dust proof
  • Ethernet data transfer
  • Optional wireless data transfer
  • Optional VPN encryption
  • Optional GPS
  • Optional Battery operation



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