This all-in-one, RIID offers customers a rugged alternative to detachable detectors. Equipped with a full suite of new features it will provide both first time users and experienced health physicists alike with everything they need to perform an extensive range of mission critical tasks.

Worker Safety with the SAM 945

The SAM 945 is designed to meet ALARA standards by use of its smart phone technology. With the SAM 945 the operator can be 20 feet away from the SAM and the radioactive source. This goal is easily met when using the SAM because the smart phone device is easily removed from the instrument giving the user complete control at a very safe distance. Since the smart device is connected via Bluetooth to the SAM, measurements and spectrum manipulation can be performed well within the ALARA standard.

Measured source intensity or exposure to radiation can be analytically described as the 'Inverse Square Law.' This means that moving away from the source will lower your exposure rate by one over the distance squared. Therefore, if a radioactive source measures a certain high level at one foot then at 10 feet away the exposure rate will be down a factor of one over 10 squared (a factor of 100 lower) assuring a safer distance during measurements.

Auto Calibration (-20°C to 50°C)

The auto-calibration features of the SAM 945 run continuously with no user interruptions. The system performs a health check on regular intervals or during shifts in temperature and then automatically addresses possible detector drift with recalibration routines. The user benefits from simplicity and accuracy, but can manually run calibrations as well.

Real-Time Background Correction

In the past, we used a sigma trigger to address possible changes in background. Now, with advanced algorithms, we can re-adjust subtraction techniques in concert with fluctuations in background. We look at the varying background levels in terms of both total rates and at the dynamic range.

Energy Stabilisation

Sharp changes in climate, like moving from a vehicle into the outdoors, can cause some instruments to shift. Functionality has been added to offset these energy shifts so users can move freely from cold to hot or vice versa.

ALARA-Compliant with Smartphone

For packages, cargo, drum scanning or other materials control, the detachable Smartphone allows users to make measurements at a greater distance, decreasing the exposure to radiation exponentially. For fixed applications,such as a guard tower or weigh station, the tripod mount system can be utilizedto fix the detector permanently, while monitoring from 20 - 30 feet away.

Free App Included

PeakAbout, a free app that manages the data and reporting of theSAM 945, boasts a comprehensive library of 115 isotopes withexpansion possibility to 393 isotopes.

Detectors NaI (General Purpose Isotope Identification)CeBr (SNM enhanced, High Resolution Spectrosocopy)3He (Neutron Detection - Optional)GM-Tube (High Dose Rates - Standard)
Electronics Digital Signal Processing250,000 to 400,000 CPS (Cs137)
Data Ouput Format: XML ANSI N42.42 Compliant.Reports: ID, Confidence Level, Dose Rate, etc.with over 10,000 reviewable events.Identification: Isotope, Category, Confidence.
Battery Details Idenitifer: > 8 hours, Lithium Ion
Communication Bluetooth, USB
Enclosure Dust/Moisture: IP65Droppable: 1 m Drop TestWater: SprayDimensions: 10" x 5" x 6"Weight: 6 lbs (with standard detector)Operating Temp: -20C to 50C
Calibration Auto-calibration and Auto-stabilisation
Library ANSI with color coded classifications, expandableUSER library (optional), (ANSI 42.34 compatible)
Function Background, Dose and Dose Rate, Isotope ID, Search
Memory > 10,000 events with User Notes
Smartphone Functions Operational Modes (User/Administration), GPS,Data Communication, Camera, Voice Recorder


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