A mini personal radiation detector which can find hidden radioactive materials anywhere, anytime

The nukeALERT 951 is a highly portable, rugged, all-weather radiation detector that is small enough to wear on a belt, yet powerful enough to quickly locate low-level radioactive sources, even in a warehouse full of boxes.Designed to discreetly monitor any environment without intrusion or disruption to civilian activities, the nukeALERT 951 can be set to notify the user by vibration or audible alarm whenever gamma radiation exceeds natural background levels.The nukeALERT 951 is as easy to use as a flashlight and requires just about as much training. It has a single switch that puts it into audible alarm mode, vibrate alarm mode, or turns it off. Its simple operation and highly readable display provide an automatically updated strength indicator in less than 1 second, allowing a rapid area sweep to identify the exact location of any radiation source.When activated, the nukeALERT 951 measures the background radiation count for 30 seconds and then uses that value to establish a noise floor. Any radiological isotope that comes within range of the unit will activate the audio or vibration alarm and the display will show a value from 1 to H (1 being 0.035 mRem/hr and H being 13.00 mRem/hr) to indicate the intensity of the radiation detected. The audio and vibration alarms increase in repetition rate the closer the unit brought to the radiation source. The source of the radiation (package, vehicle, etc.) can be quickly found by scanning the area and using the alarm as an intensity indicator. The range of detection can vary from hundreds of metres to just a few, depending on how large and powerful the radiation source is and how much material is between the source and the unit.The nukeALERT 951 is designed to work in all weather conditions, survive submersion, endure a three foot drop onto concrete and work in high-density RF environments, even alongside powerful transmitters.The nukeALERT 951 uses two AA batteries to provide a battery life of over 2 years if used 48 hours per week. That is over 6 months in used 24/7. It can even be attached to the dashboard of a vehicle, leaving it quietly searching for radiation for over 6 months.


  • Public Safety Officers
  • First Responders
  • Border Patrol
  • HAZMAT Teams
  • Cargo Inspectors
  • Radiation Safety Officers
  • Military Forces
Function Gamma ray detection
Detector Cesium Iodide Scintillator
Battery Life 2+ years @ 48 hours/week
Batteries 2 AA Alkaline
Response Time < 1 second
Notification 1. Audio alarm; beeps increase based on radiation strength2. Vibration; vibration pulses increase based on radiation strength3. Flashing LED; flashes increase based on radiation strength,    color changes from orange to red4. LED with readout '1' through 'H' with 'H' highest
Calibration Automatic when turned on
Calibration Biasing 16-position switch; allows manual setting for operation in high-radiationenvironments (Ex., near X-ray machines)
Placement Belt clip or belt pouch
Size 3.75" x 2.5" x 1.25"
Weight 6.4 oz w/batteries
Environment Heavy Rain-10° F to 122° F, -23° C to 50° CDay or night visibilityIn loud or quiet environmentsPasses 3 feet drop test onto concrete


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