MRV Series mobile cart continuous duty, constant flow, air sampling systems

This “Golf Cart” type unit can be used for the assay of both particulates and gaseous radioiodine. Its telescoping “Goose Neck” allows for industry-standard breathing zone air sampling.

There is a 3/8” female Quick Disconnect fitting at the sampling inlet which accepts all “RV” series filter holders.

Two vacuum gauges for measuring pressure differential across the filter media are conveniently mounted in a control box on the units handle along with a power toggle switch, fuse protection, and a resettable electronic elapsed timer. 

HI-Q's MCV-260 maintains a constant flow of ±5 of the operator pre-set flow rate (up to the maximum capacity of the pump).

The flow rate can be viewed by incorporating one of the HI-Q's optional "V-FLO-XX" venturi flow measurement units.

MRV Series air sampling systems features

Main features include:

  • Telescoping “Goose Neck” for Breathing-Zone Air Sampling
  • Automatic Flow Control Valve
  • Electronic, Resettable, Elapsed Timer
  • Continuous Duty, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • Dual Vacuum Gauges for measuring DP across filter media
  • Sturdy Cast Aluminum Base Plate
  • Flow Ranges of 0 - 7.0 CFM
  • NRTL listed with TUV SUD*

MRV Series air sampling systems specifications

Item Information
Air Mover:  Oil less, rotary vane, vacuum pump with 1/4,1/3, or 3/4 HP, 115 or 230 VAC, Shock Mounted Motor. 
Control Valve (MCV-260):  Mechanical, heavy-duty, automatic flow control valve. This valve controls the air flow rate to ±5% of the operator set flow rate.
Timer:  Electronic, elapsed, resettable timer in hours & tenths
Optional Flow Meter:  Add "-HMF" to model number for Hand Mounted Flowmeter option or see removable V-FLO-XX units product page. 
Filter holders: See filter holders for air samples, "RV-Series"
Filter cartridges: See analytical cartridges
Filter paper: See filter paper for air sampling
Air flow calibrator: See air flow calibrators
Replacement pumps/kits: See replacement rotary vane vacuum pumps & service kits.
  • Electronic elapsed timer, resettable hours and tenths of hours, LCD readout, 5 year internal battery.
  • MCV-260, mechanical, heavy duty, automatic flow control valve. ±5% flow rate.

MRV Series air sampling systems models

Model Number Net ship wt (lbs) Power (VAC) Motor (HP) (50/60Hz) Max Vac. Max CFM (open air) Hard mounted flowmeter (HMF) NRTL* Listed
MRV-0523CV   68 lbs., 2 boxes   115/230   1/4   1425/1725   26” Hg   4.0 CFM   No   Yes
MRV-0523CV-HMF  68 lbs., 2 boxes   115/230   1/4   1425/1725   26” Hg   4.0 CFM   Yes  Yes
MRV-1023CV   68 lbs., 2 boxes   115/230   3/4   1425/1725   26” Hg   7.0 CFM   No   Yes
MRV-1023CV-HMF  68 lbs., 2 boxes   115/230   3/4    1425/1725   26” Hg   7.0 CFM   Yes  Yes

* TUV SUD listed per NRTL standards IEC 61010-1:2001, UL 61010-1, CSA C22.1 No 1010-1, EN61010



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